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Hickman Saddlery quality team builders are from Idaho where most of the products are made in USA.

Bob Hickman and Tara Hickman owners, are proud of the crew at the Idaho store are the builders. 

Some products are also made here in Aldersyde AB.Canada

Bob Hickman

Bob Hickman.jpg

Owner-Bob Hickman saddle maker since 1989.

Bob is a saddle maker and has been a bit, spur and saddle collector for the past twenty years. Bob was born in Almota, Washington.

Bob Hickman's grandfather was a foundation breeder for appaloosa's back in late 1920's through 1940's. Bob was a calf roper in high school and College.

Hickman Saddlery sells to collectors in France, Italy and Sweden. Canada. There's a big market in Europe.One of their biggest events is at the Mandalay bay Convention Center. National Finals in Las Vegas Bob Hickman says he caters mostly to the "working cowboy. "It's seeing buckaroos all over the West relying on his gear that's most gratifying.

Tara Hickman


Specializes in customer relations, products. In addition, the company's innovative custom saddles have been in business since 1989.
Hickman Saddlery headquarters is located in Post Falls ID.


Tara started young in horses.
1979 Horse care clinic
1985 Completed multimedia computer courses
1997 1998 CEF coaching courses in Oakville, Ontario.

2007 Started managing Hickman Saddlery INC in U.S.A

2012 Opened Hickman Saddlery Ltd

Aldersyde ,Alberta Canada

Owners, Bob and Tara Hickman

Hickman Saddlery Staff


Teri Horton

Teri Horton joined Hickman Saddlery team 2021 as our Saddle restoration specialist. She gets the job done right when it comes to restoring your saddle and other Hickman product's.

Teri also enjoys time with her family and her fur babies along with her time with her horses.


Beth Booth

We are happy to have Beth join our team. Beth in charge of shipping & receiving at Hickman Saddlery desk & customer service.


Chad McKarcher

Chad McKarcher, Chad is our famously talented leather tooler.

Gifted in many ways when it comes to quality tooling Hickman Saddlery saddles and other products.


Matt Redd

Matt Redd is a saddle maker and does work along side with Bob. Does repairs,building saddles.

Builds other Hickman Saddlery equine produts. 


James Buchanan

James has been with Hickman Saddlery since 2008. Training staff on custom products along with working with the saddle makers and tooled. James oversees all the quality of chinks/chaps and other products are completed in time.

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