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Museum in Hickman Saddlery store
of Yakima Cunutt

Bob Hickman is a distant relative of Yakima Canutt Yakima,

who became famous not only as a cowboy during the 1920's,

 but as a stunt man and Hollywood movie director, was born in Penawawa Washington.

 Not far from Colfax.

Yakima Canutt who is he?

Stop and think about who's the most famous person to come out of the Palouse.

How many people from this area have been a four time World Champion Cowboy.

 How many have won an Academy Award,or how many have been a movie star, an actor, or even a director?

Just one name comes to mind when you think of it.

Yakima [Enos Edward] Canutt.


Yakima Canutt (1895-1986) was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Pendleton Hall of Fame.

 The Pro Rodeo Hall of Champions, the Stuntmen's Hall of Fame, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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