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Saddle Repair

"Bob Hickman" being a saddle maker since 1985 teaches his knowledge in saddle fitting seminars. An hour (or) two seminar covering the mechanics and function of saddles, interspersed with hands-on application of that information. Participants get experience evaluating saddle fit on a variety of horses including their own. (Depending on the number of participants.)

Reline sheep skin:

Stirrup leather replace:

Saddle strings-all 6 of them

Horn stitching:

Cleaning and oiling:

Blevins buckles:

Hobble straps:

On side latigo:









Off side billet:

Off side 1/2 breed:

Pulling collar dees up high:

Rear billets:

Replace broken tree:

Back cinch:

Back cinch:

Back cinch:




$45.00 each-heavy duty

$750.00 and up

2" heavy duty/$65.00

3" heavy duty/$85.00

4" heavy duty/$115.00. Light duty available

saddle .webp
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