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Saddle Fitting

We invite you to take a quick tour through our website. Eventually we will be adding more products. If your interested in any products made from us and do not see what is here on our website yet. Please feel free to call or e-mail us for any information, we would be very happy to assist you!

Inventory: Hickman Saddlery is known for our selection of product of Chinks/Chaps/Cowboy toilet seats and many other custom products. Many items in the store are available only at our location and events as well as on line. Our website is a very small selection until we add more. We invite you to come visit us in person. 

"Bob Hickman" Being a saddle maker since 1985 teaches his knowledge in saddle fitting seminars. An hour (or) two seminar covering the mechanics and function of saddles, interspersed with hands-on application of that information. Participants get experience evaluating saddle fit on a variety of horses including their own.

(Depending on the number of participants.)



  • How Western saddles are made

  • Functions of the Saddle Parts

  • How the Saddle Affects the Horse

  • How the Saddle Affects the Rider

  • Why are there so many Problems?

  • Signs of Poor Saddle Fit for the Horse

  • Signs of Poor Saddle Fit for the Rider

Bob explains: That there are no true industry standards of measurements in tree widths or angles of a Western Saddle. Often, in order to market to the masses, production saddlers will call the semi-quarter horse tree a "quarter horse" tree ,so you will better assume it will fit your Quarter Horse.

Customers Welcome

Customers welcome to haul in to have their horses fitted to a saddle.

Booking questions, call or email us.


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